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Day to Day Summer Camp Schedule

Check out our schedule for a typical day at Falcon Camp! Camper's can expect water activities, art, drama, riding or athletics to fill their day. Make the most of your summer with sailing, hiking or canoeing that will make memories for years to come and lifelong friendships. At Falcon Camp, you will learn about boat care, fishing, archery and whatever outdoor activity captures your interest! Check out the details on all of our Falcon Camp activity periods at overnight summer camp!

7:00am Horse Care (optional)
7:45am First Bell/Rise & Shine
8:00am Second Bell/Announcements
8:15am Breakfast
9:00am First Activity Period
10:30am Second Activity Period
Noon First Bell
12:15pm Second Bell/Announcements
12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Rest Hour
2:00pm Third Activity Period
3:30pm Fourth Activity Period
5:00pm First Bell
5:15pm Second Bell/Announcements
5:30pm Dinner
6:15pm Horse, Camp & Boat Care
6:45pm Evening Activity
8:00pm Snack
9:00pm Robins & Blue Jays in Cabins
9:15pm Cardinals & Kestrels in Cabins
9:30pm Robins & Blue Jays Lights Out
Hawks & Eagles in Cabins
9:45pm Cardinals & Kestrels Lights Out
10:00pm Hawks & Eagles Lights Out

The Four Activity Periods:

ART: Archery, Riflery, Tennis
H20: Swimming, Sailing, Canoeing, Fishing
D/A: Drama, Athletics
WRC: Woodslore, Riding, Crafts

During a typical day, campers will also be given the opportunity to attend Creative Arts, a designated period designed for creative expression. In addition to Drama or Crafts, Creative Arts is a fantastic outlet to engage in projects such as photography, movies and more! Here at Falcon Camp, we want our summer camp to be not only a memorable experience but an educational and enriching one as well.