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Make Your Own Summer Camp Experience

ART: Archery, Riflery, Tennis
H20: Swimming, Sailing, Canoeing, Fishing
D/A: Drama, Athletics
WRC: Woodslore, Riding, Crafts

Summer Camp Activities - The Campers Choice

At Falcon Summer Camp, campers have the opportunity to choose his or her own activities. The listed chart shows the four main activity periods that make up the typical weekday at summer camp. Though the activities may look the same as other kids summer camps, your ability to choose an activity separates us from the rest.  For example, let's say your first activity period is ART. You can choose to stay in tennis for the entire time, visit all three areas, or only go to riflery and archery.

With our extensive list of summer camp activities, we encourage your camper to try something new! Our talented staff has the appropriate experience and certifications to teach your camper how to sail a sunfish, ride a horse, and much more. Each summer camp activity has different award levels to meet the needs of all ages and abilities. All awards are presented at the Falcon Award Night held the Friday before departure. Many of our campers post the awards at home to countdown the days before next summer!

Campers travel to activity periods by unit.  What's a unit?
A unit is the group of campers you will be living with at camp.  Falcon divides the campers into six units.

                                                 Falcon Units
 Robins  Cardinals  Hawks  Blue Jays
 Kestrels  Eagles
 Ages 6-10
 Ages 11-12
 Ages 13-15
 Ages 6-10
 Ages 11-12
 Ages 13-15
 Female  Female  Male  Male Male

Summer Camp Programs and Activities

Camper's Choice
Summer Camp Programs and Activities
The first Saturday of each two weeks, all of camp gathers in the pavilion for another unforgettable Falcon dance.  There are usually lots of costumes, loud music, and dancing campers and staff involved.

Evening Activity
Evening summer camp activity is a great time to break into co-ed groups for a canoe trip to the dam or a soccer game.  But sometimes it can be a time to relax with the kids in your unit. The Hawks may gather in the lodge for a spa night while the Eagles play a match of Falcon ball on the softball field.  Do you have a great idea for an evening activity this summer?  Contact us, and let us know!

Extra Riding
Special extra horseback riding and horsemanship is available at an additional fee of $100 per two weeks.  This is in addition to regular riding and includes 6-8 hours of mounted lessons and ground work.

Can get enough of the horses in your regularly scheduled rides?  Wake up before breakfast and head over to the stables for Horsecare.  During this time, campers will help lead the horses out of the corral, clean off last night's dirt with curry combs/brushes, and feed the horses a nutritional breakfast of hay and grain.  This is an optional camp activity.

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